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Portrait of Claire Batten with long brown hair and wearing a cream silk top


Claire is a breast cancer warrior who is battling the side effects of lymphatic cording, Claire determined to share her personal experience and help others find the resources they need to combat cording. She is working with an informal network of wellness experts and medical practitioners to connect the dots between practitioners and patients. By creating an online resource book, which will also include academic papers and a directory of service providers, Claire hopes to expedite patient access to lymphatic cording care and treatment. Claire is not a doctor or a medical provider; she simply wants to share her experience in Charleston, SC.
Claire’s story is outlined in full in her blog…

“Cured… but not yet healed”

Portrait of Joia McGivern with long sandy blonde hair and a dark jacket


Joia is the co-founder of Cording Concierge and lives in New York City. She attended the University of Pennsylvania where she became passionate about studying human behavior and decision- making, and the implications for Business Strategy and Marketing. She is a Strategy Consultant and is leveraging her experience defining growth and marketing strategies for clients to shape Cording Concierge's mission and develop awareness campaigns. Working alongside her mother, Claire Batten, Joia is applying her consultancy expertise to the real-world challenge to spread the word about lymphatic cording post-breast cancer treatment. Joia has performed a market analysis to better understand the population impacted by cording and the treatments available to patients. With an understanding of the gaps and opportunities, she collaborated with Claire to develop a business plan for Cording Concierge to articulate the organization’s definition of success roadmap for meeting our goals. She is energized by bringing patients, clinicians, and surgeons together to help patients receive the same level of treatment as her mother, with less friction. She believes that Cording Concierge can reduce the number of daunting, unanswered questions about available treatments and empower patients to tackle their symptoms using a connected network of therapies.

Portrait of Kevin Holliday standing in front of his black and white photography wearing a black shirt


Kevin is a freelance graphic designer, as well as an internationally recognized fine art black & white photographer. More importantly… Kevin is a friend of Claire, and he is here to help in any way he can, most specifically with the overall branding of Cording Concierge. While he might be currently residing 6 hours away in metro Atlanta, he is only a tap away online. Kevin’s 20+ years of graphic design and branding experience made him a perfect fit to come on-board and bring Claire’s vision to life. Not only has he designed the logo and built this very website, but the brand also encompasses a much larger meaning. Please see below where we discuss our brand-mark, what it means, and how it came to be. On a personal level, Kevin has been directly affected by breast cancer as he watched his mother fight the good fight. While her passing in 2007 is certainly sad for him, he remarks often that she was afforded many extra years because of the incredible advancement of the treatments she received at the time. Every year, Kevin proclaims, more and more women are beating this disease as the treatments continue this path of development, as well as reaching more warriors than ever before. He encourages those either directly affected, or those that know someone who is, to keep fighting the good fight. He goes on to say that if you need to throw something against the wall, just do it… Joanna did!

Cording Concierge "Linked" Rationale

Inspired by the brand-mark of both the Susan G. Komen “ribbon” and the Coco Chanel “C’s”, this icon has two C’s that connect as ONE and form a sense of a ribbon when viewed from the right perspective. The wireframe design has the intention of bringing together the unknown into a state of connectedness.


The ‘Linked’ nodes are visually the most prominent aspect in the logo, as they are the only elements that contain color. This is by design because they are also the most important part of the overall design. It is this element that truly indicates the connection (or link) between the patient, the doctor, and the knowledge they both seek. They are laid-out in a descending format to provide a sense of pointing forward…the overall objective of the movement of knowledge, as well as the organization itself.


Titanium and Brilliant Pink have been chosen because both are strong and bold, indicative of both the patient and doctor. This pink, while not the exact same as Susan G. Komen, is a very established color in the breast cancer community. Titanium grounds the pop of pink in our modern world, and the font choice of Montserrat is well suited in today's digital environment. 


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