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Close up photograph of footprints in pink sand.


Cording Concierge is your online resource for lymphatic cording,
also known as Axillary Web Syndrome.

We are an organization focused on connecting the dots between breast cancer patients and practitioners specializing in providing Axillary Web Syndrome treatments.


What is Axillary Web Syndrome…

Axillary Web Syndrome (AWS), also known as cording, is a condition that can develop as a side effect of the lymph node surgery required as part of a breast cancer treatment plan.


The pain and limited range-of-motion that accompanies cording can have a major impact on a breast cancer survivor’s quality of life.


How Common is Cording?
Studies suggest that up to 86% of breast cancer patients may go on to develop cording after lymph node surgery.

What does it look like? How do you know if YOU have lymphatic cording?

Foot Tracks on Sand with a pink hue
Close up photograph of ripples in sand with a tan hue. Image by Sumner Mahaffey

More than 10 million Americans are living with cancer,
and they demonstrate the ever-increasing possibility
of living beyond cancer.
– Sheryl Crow –

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